High School Trips Learn About the World. Learn About Yourself.

The Ultimate Adventure

Through seeing new places, experiencing new cultures, trying new foods, and doing a little bit of manual labour, High School trips will push students outside of their comfort zones. These experiences will challenge and inspire youth in a way that most classroom settings cannot.

High School Volunteer Guide

Where We Work Programs in 11 Countries
on Three Continents

Where We Work Programs in 11 Countries
on Three Continents

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What to Expect

High School trips are designed to engage and challenge youth in diverse, cross-cultural settings.

Trip Length

Typical trips are one to two weeks long. While Spring Break is a popular time for High School trips, they can be planned for any time of the year.

Student Groups

Group sizes can vary from eight to 20 students, ranging in ages from 14 to 17. DWC will work with schools to plan a project in a safe location that meets the unique makeup of students and teachers.

Please note that all our group volunteer programs can be tailor-made to meet the requirements of various international curriculum.

Make an Impact

Students may construct a rural classroom, support a conservation project, or build a struggling mom a home. Projects are based on real needs in our host communities. Students will return home with a new perspective and long-lasting memories.

Health & Safety

Developing World Connections places a high priority on the health and safety of every volunteer. In over 15 years of sending volunteer teams, we have maintained an impeccable safety record. We provide strong leaders who travel with and support the teams in-country. Every team leader is certified in first aid, carries an extensive medical kit, cellphone, and has emergency contact information on hand. A DWC risk assessment is conducted on every project prior to the team’s arrival. DWC staff and travel agents are accessible 24/7 while a team is on their trip.

High SchoolsThat Have Traveled With Us

We have been very fortunate to partner with schools from across North America to send teams of students on service learning trips.

US Air Force Academy

Colorado Springs, CO

Bodwell High School

North Vancouver, B.C.

John Cabot High School

Mississauga, Ont.

Sahali Secondary School

Kamloops, B.C.

Kuper Academy

Kirkland, Que.

St Andrews Catholic High School

Victoria, B.C.

Trafalgar School for Girls

Montreal, Que.

Balmoral Hall School

Winnipeg, Man.

“This trip showed me there are countless other kids my age that would give anything for even half the education I receive. This means I take my studies more seriously and with a much greater sense of gratitude. This trip also changed my perspective on my life and future. It touched me on an emotional level I have never experienced, forced me to look at myself, challenged me intellectually, re-taught me how aesthetically beautiful every human is regardless of their situation, and forced me to persevere through situations I would never be willing to face regularly in daily life. I live every day with a greater understanding of the world around me.”

- Christopher, High School Volunteer


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