Corporate Trips

"Goodness is the only investment that never fails." – Henry David Thoreau

Corporate Trips

Volunteering is all about connecting.

Corporate teams that help create change together also create stronger bonds that come from working as a team and sharing meaningful experiences. Being intentional and following through with commitments builds trust throughout business. Plan a corporate trip for your employees. They can make a difference in the world working together.

What you’ll experience

Walk the talk. We can help you fulfill objectives. Foster a culture with experiences that balance your values with genuine employee involvement.

Travel for the Heart

Create a connection with a community or a family that needs a hand up, not a hand out. You’ll discover just how great it feels to do hands-on volunteering while building camaraderie with the people you work with.

Travel for the Mind

Learn a few new words, meet new people and experience a new country. There’s so much to see and do not just on the project site, but in your free time, that you can’t help but make discoveries.

Travel for the Body

Do something different from sitting at a desk or whatever your daily routine involves. Learn new skills while working alongside your teammates, or even have a contest to see who can get the most done or do the best job.

Travel for the Soul

Find purpose in making a difference in someone else’s life and take a moment to reflect on your own. Meaningful volunteer work and travel has a way of touching everyone at a personal level.

Where do you want to go?

Choose any of our destination countries or our in-country partners. We’ll put together a trip just for you and your corporate team that will have an impact while creating connections and memorable moments.

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Corporations that have teamed up with DWC include:





Aurora Rotary Club

Daybreak Rotary Kamloops


Aurora Rotary Club

Arrow Transportation

ASK Wellness

Embassy Bosa

Home Hardware Kamloops

“We boarded not one, but three planes and in all that I still wasn’t getting pumped up.  Everything seemed like a haze or a dream and I was just walking through it. It wasn’t until we were driving through Udaipur and pulled over to for a look at one of the lakes that it really hit me.

“As we began to meet the people we were to work with it was clear that the colour and energy felt around it came from the people themselves. Their excitement for the potential we bring with us shone as brightly as that pink camel.

“As I looked around, the true beauty of India woke me up and I became excited for the potential of what we could accomplish here!”

Tara Bradbury

Softchoice Corporate trip, India

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