High School Trips

Discover another country and culture, learn about yourself and make positive change – it’s all part of life’s adventure

High School Trips

Make a difference

Whether it’s a few days or a few weeks, every bit of time you spend on a DWC project is helping a person, a family or a community. You might not start the project or you might not finish it – but we’ll make sure the job gets done. You’ll know that your contribution will make someone’s life better. Your efforts do have impact. Plan a High School Volunteer trip today.

What you’ll experience

High School Volunteer Trip with Developing World Connections

Travel for the Heart

Unite with your classmates while working on a project that makes life better for someone else. You’ll find out more about yourself in the process.

High School Volunteer Trip with Developing World Connections

Travel for the Mind

Discover what it’s like to volunteer abroad in a country where everything is different. There’s so much to learn and explore – adventure awaits!

High School Volunteer Trip with Developing World Connections

Travel for the Body

Dive into work alongside your fellow students and local labourers that makes you sweat for a great cause and leaves you satisfied in a way you’ve never felt before.

High School Volunteer Trip with Developing World Connections

Travel for the Soul

Find your passion as you realize that helping others makes you feel fantastic. Your perspective will change – and you’ll be happy it did.

Where do you want to go?

We will customize a trip for your high school or even a particular class. Most of our high school volunteer trips are destined for Guatemala, Peru, Cambodia or Kenya. Check out our destinations for information about these countries, then talk to us.

For parents and guardians

Give us your child, we’ll give you back a global citizen. You’ve protected your child his or her whole life. Now we’re asking you to trust us and let us send your teenager overseas to do volunteer work. We understand your concerns and it’s only right that you have questions. Let us answer them.

Why should your child go?

This is a rare chance for your teenager to take some steps toward independence but still be within the security of travelling in a chaperoned group with responsible adults making sure everything goes smoothly. Your son or daughter can focus on the experience itself, working hard on a project that has meaningful impact, seeing historic and cultural sights and getting exposure to a bigger world.

How safe is it?

Every trip is as safe as we can possibly make it, because we want students to have the best experience of their lives. We monitor any potential problems in countries where teams travel, our in-country partners advise us of any issues and our team leaders know the country, the culture and first aid. Parents are welcome to contact us at any time with their questions or concerns.

What about the cost?

Travel can get expensive; there are hotels, food, airfares and other costs to consider. That’s why young people going on DWC trips are encouraged and supported to do some fundraising. We can provide a fundraising guide and we’ll also issue a charitable tax receipt to anyone who donates $20 or more to your teenager’s overseas trip fund.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact us. We’re glad to set your mind at ease and reassure you that your child will be safe, secure and happy travelling with us.

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Schools that have sent students on DWC volunteer trips include:

Balmoral Hall school in Winnipeg, Man.

Balmoral Hall school

Winnipeg, Man.

Bodwell high school in North Vancouver, B.C.

Bodwell high school

North Vancouver, B.C.

Sa-Hali secondary school in Kamloops, B.C.

Sa-Hali secondary school

Kamloops, B.C.

Kuper Academy in Kirkland, Que.

Kuper academy

Kirkland, Que.

Panorama Ridge secondary school Surrey, B.C.

Panorama Ridge secondary school

Surrey, B.C.

St. Thomas Aquinas Brampton, Ont.

St. Thomas Aquinas secondary school

Brampton, Ont.

Trafalgar school for girls Montreal, Que.

Trafalgar School for Girls

Montreal, Que.

St. Andrews Catholic high school Victoria, B.C.

St. Andrews Catholic high school

Victoria, B.C.

“Overall this experience was fantastic, I’ve made long lasting relationships with the team members here and I truly don’t want to leave. The experience of Peruvian construction was one to test our strength and patience. We didn’t have a clear objective, but laid the groundwork and foundation for the support wall, as the next DWC team will be arriving soon after us.”

Kathryn Ferragina and Lucas Ortolano

Bodwell high school Custom trip, Peru

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