August 9th: Family Day in Kathmandu August 9, 2014

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Our Saturday morning began with a nice family breakfast at the Eco hotel consisting of pancakes, hash browns, and granola. The Canadian food was a nice change after nearly three weeks of dal baht in Lamahi. After breakfast our two families met up with four boys from CP for a beautiful hike. These wonderful young men took us on a two hour walk to the oldest temple in Nepal. This temple was constructed more then 1500 years ago and the boys told us the legends of the history of the temple. Their insight of the temple gave the hike a lot more meaning for all of us. 

After the hike the 13 of us traveled to Durbar square. Noah, Maddie, Miles, and myself had already been to the square, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to show the rest of our families the culturally enriching tourist attraction. Following a couple hours in Durbar square, our two families went to our new favorite restaurant, OR2K, and dabbled in some of the best vegetarian food we have ever eaten.

This eventful morning gave us all good reason to return to our hotel and get some much needed rest before exploring what Kathmandu had to offer on a Saturday night.

For dinner our two families ate at a local pizzeria and indulged in quality Nepalese pizza and some very strong, but tasty mojitos. After a dinner full of stories and laughs the four parents and Maddie returned to the hotel, while the four boys explored the night life of Kathmandu. After walking for about 10 minutes we decided to enter, “Club Tequila,” where we experienced Nepalese live dancing and tried a hookah. We finally returned to the hotel after a fun filled night and all fell asleep exhausted after an amazing day in Nepal’s capital city.

Jake and the Boys DWC Participants Nepal, July 2014

Posted in on August 9, 2014