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Small Acts Change the World

The Global Village monthly giving program is a growing movement of individuals committed to ensuring DWC is able to effectively respond to dynamic and evolving situations around the world.

Why Monthly Giving?

  • It’s a convenient – and flexible – way of making donations.
  • Monthly gifts provide DWC with a dependable base of support and ensures your donation is invested in long-term, sustainable projects.
  • Knowing that we have funds ready to invest ensures we’re able to make a commitment to our partners and host communities.
  • Ongoing donations help make DWC more effective by further reducing our administrative costs.
  • Reliable giving allows DWC to respond to evolving emergency situations around the world.
  • Monthly gifts are the most powerful way to have a year-round impact for the girls and women we support.

For as little as 50₵ a day ($15/month), you can have an enormous impact on our work. You may modify your monthly gift at any time and 100% of your donation is eligible for a tax receipt.

When you sign up online, each subsequent monthly gift will be processed through the credit card of your choice on the 1st or 15th day of each month. If you choose to join our Global Village today with a $15 monthly donation, your initial donation will be processed immediately with your second gift coming on the 1st or 15th day of the following month.

Sign up now starting at $15/month

US Citizens wishing to become a Global Village monthly donor, please DONATE HERE.

Learn how your support directly benefits families & communities.

Meet Alma & Mary

Alma, a 45-year-old single mother, and Mary, her 4-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome, live in a small hut attached to three medium-sized trees near Cebu City in the Philippines. Although she found herself without stable income, she would never consider leaving Mary in the care of other people. Alma was using an old baby carrier so that Mary could be with her everywhere, whether that was selling produce at the local market or working at a gas station monitoring staff. She promised herself she would make ends meet without compromising hands-on care for Mary. She hoped there was a way to get a sidecar for her old motorcycle so Mary could ride tandem safely. Our Global Village program funded the final payment for Alma’s custom sidecar, and to purchase a new baby seat and two helmets. "Please know that every time I ride the motorbike with Mary in the sidecar, I never forget to say thank-you, especially now that it's raining everyday. We are protected by the roof, able to work, run errands and feed ourselves, all because of the new sidecar!"

Meet Florita, a Cabécar Representative

DWC began planning an ambitious project with our Costa Rican partner to bring job opportunities and economic growth to the remote indigenous community of Tsinikicha in eastern Costa Rica. The families that live here belong to the Cabécar tribe. Global Village funds have been used to construct latrines, tent platforms and cooking facilities for a hiker’s camp on a popular cross-country eco-trail. Florita, a tribal representative is grateful for DWC donor support. A group of local women in her village now have the infrastructure to generate regular income for their families by providing accommodation and hospitality service for visitors.

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Sign up now starting at $15/month

US Citizens wishing to become a Global Village monthly donor, please DONATE HERE.


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