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Angkor Wat Cambodia

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Thursday was a quieter day around each project site with finishing touches (install toilet, fishing concrete, roof and doors) being complete by Mr. Son and ourselves.

Following a few photo ops, hugs and thanks we were off to lunch and then to a local school (Our School) located in Chamcar Bei where a school tour awaited. At the school we also provided donation of school supplies, books and tooth brushes. Additional donations of clothing were donated to EC for distribution to families in need at a later date. Funds were also provided to purchase filters for school water filtration systems.

Friday, we say good by tongue Spring Valley Resort (our home for the last two weeks) and begin our trip back to Phnom Penh.  Our lunch today was at “Friends Romdeng” restaurant where everyone was treated to tarantula (even a live one).
Where have the last two weeks gone? This is my third International Volunteer Experience (IVE) with DWC and first as a team leader. Without question, the last day is the most difficult. It is a time to reflect on the activities of past two weeks and to know that our contribution may be small in scope but huge in the hearts of those we have connected with. 

As we depart on extended vacation, or for home, we will carry in our hearts those experiences, memories and friendships, to be shared with family and friends (at home), reflected upon and cherished for a long time.  Equitable Cambodia (specifically Vy) is instrumental in ensuring the success of both our experience and also project completion. Maintaining communication lines between the DWC Team, contractors and families and ensuring all in country arrangements are in order. Vy, thank you so much. Lastly, I would like to thank our team:

  • Tom, Bill and Evey (Kamloops, BC)
  • Lindy (Prince George, BC) 
  • Lynda, my sister (Nanaimo, BC). 
  • Betty (Toronto, Ont.) 
  • Liz (Clearwater, BC) 
  • Jeries and Chelsea (Newmarket, Ont.)

Your desire and passion to help others has made this possible. I am truly grateful to have shared this IVE with you. A special thank you to all of you.

Don Brimacombe
DWC Volunteer Team Leader
Cambodia: February 2015

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