Setting the Stage for a Lodge in Rwanda November 30, 2016

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Last day, plus celebratory dinner earlier in the week
Rwanda, Kigali – August 25

Last day to “get ‘er done” and then a special dinner. The team was working hard to get the last stretch of wire fence installed. After a long day at the work site, the team went out for a celebratory dinner.

Last day on the fence line.

We went to a restaurant called Heaven and indeed the food was divine! It is a training school for locals for the hospitality industry. It was unbelievably good food. I had goat, as I figured this would be the best goat I would ever taste. Yup, tender, yummy not gamey, delicious kebabs. Falafel so delicate I couldn’t believe it. Guacamole with plantain chips, sweet and light, not rich and cloying.
This is a Rwandan success story. Once trained at Heaven, the students are sought after by the high-end hotels. While in training, they receive a good salary, and once fully trained they are guaranteed a good job.
It was a satisfying end to a long day of work.

Luinda Bleakley,
DWC volunteer, Rwanda, August 2016

Posted in on November 30, 2016