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Day 1 October 23

Full school assembly gave us a very warm welcome

Introductions all round

Refurbishment plans discussed

Setting to work on a wide variety of tasks

Taking care and pride in our work

Decorating windows and doors, plastering toilets

Adding panes of glass to the windows, fixing edge angle for the ceiling,


Yes, we do have someone who can do electrics

Where is Gabe, “where is Gabe”, “where is Gabe” we all say

And here he comes to our rescue with tools and advice

Screwdrivers, sandpaper, screws and skim

Getting very hot and sweaty

Resting during tea break

Eating a very tasty school dinner

And letʼs do it all again tomorrow

Time to relax in the pool

Day 2 October 24

Classrooms being worked on – 2

Everyone has tasks to complete

In one room the ceiling is being put up meaning 

Lots and lots of riveting

In the other angle iron is being folded to create a 

Network ready for the next ceiling 

Grids are being formed by cutting and welding rebar to keep the school safe

Skimming of the toilet is complete 

Up on ladders

Painting of the window frames continues to take place

Day 3 October 25

Diligent filling of rivet holes in ceilings

Andy various odd jobs around the place for Gabe

Yes we are actually quite good at this 😊

Trims around doors and other places to hide cracks (and ants)

Humidity at 90 percent………sweating loads

Rehydrate, rehydrate

Eating delicious food prepared by Marie

Electricity erratic today.

Day 4 October 25

Painting, PB banana sandwiches, and pork belly

Is it gloss latex or flat wall enamel, Gabe knows

Nick our driver gets us to and fro, safely

Again, the power is out, for a time

Many meals made by Marie and mothers

Upwards the drive to the school

Nearly halfway already?!

Glowing faces are we and they

All the pressure to drink fluids, some with barley

Junior books provided to pupils

A day without rivets is a great day

New bonds, new relationships

Day 5 October 26

Week’s work complete, ceilings up in both classrooms

Every rivet so much better than a screw

(Even though they’ll never come out)

Keeps Flemming happy-ish- when he gives his review

On the walls, no filler or paint missed;

New glass cut for the windows; another job ticked off the list;

Each evening, cold Red Horses until we’re feeling……… relaxed

Days to unwind now before we’ll do it all again

On to the stage next week where soon the kids will play;

New grilles for the windows, more sanding and painting;

Everyone remember, “it’ll be OK”

Blog/poem by Chris Mallett, aged 34 and 11/12ths.

Days 6 and 7

Holiday weekend away

At Hale Manna Coastal gardens in Moalboal

Leisurely swimming and snorkelling

Experienced sea snakes and turtles

Mending our aching muscles

After a hot day, cold Red Horses

Night time strange lizard and gecko noises

Nine of us fully relaxed

Always thinking of Caba Asan school and next week’s work

Blog by Andrew Clark, a bit older than 34 and 11/12ths.

Day 8

Ready for the week to begin

Enjoying the painting, glass cutting and sanding.

Dive right into it, don’t wait for Tata to vote

Hope for less rain!

Oooooo very good pork belly! Thanks Marie!!

Really good pork in fact

Safety first, hard hats on

Evacuate! It’s half three and we want to swim in the rain

Blog by Dave and Red Horse

Roosters on roadside Philippines

Day 9

We have seen a lot of wildlife

Insects of all shapes and sizes

Lizards and geckos

Dogs, lots and lots of dogs

Little baby chicks

Insects, millions of ants

Frogs in the Labyrinth

Elephants (only joking)

Blog by Lynn

Day 10

Continuing to paint

Lots of filler and new wood

Amazing fried chicken for lunch (Thakyou Marie)

Singing (Karaoke) from over the valley

Singing in classroom 5 with the bluetooth speaker

Room for vocal improvement on both fronts?

Over the valley definitely

Only a couple of days left now

Make the most of our remaining time

Someone needs another job………..

Flemming on a mission somewhere else today

Only Jessa, Marie and ……

Under Gabe’s watchful eye

Re-use if you can, new if you can’t

Another hot one

Near on 80-90 percent humidity again

Drenched with sweat

Finally the day ends

Into Nick’s van we climb

Visit a market on the way home

Everyone happy and tired

Blog by Boss

Day 11

More painting

And still more


Going to finish

Or maybe we will

Finally painted the outside wall

Lots of graffiti hidden

Oxide (red) applied to security grilles

And a frame made…

Take a moment to make a handprint

Blog by Ailsa

Day 12

Closing remarks made today

A blast we had what else can we say

Building and fixing for two weeks

A couple of blokes made a nice speech

Away to another build (next year) most of us go

Sporting a house on stilts just so

And kids gathered round to sing with us a song

Now we’ve got those memories it couldn’t go wrong

Keep Philippines in your hearts

In giving these kids a good start

Dash away, dash away all

So far as this Canuck is concerned, we all had a ball

Blog by Curt, (our only Canuck)

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