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Improving Lives Through Community Development

Our mission is to connect people and resources through international community development. We are a Canadian non-profit, charitable organization. We aren’t in this to make money. Our focus is on improving lives through community development. We have no professional, political or religious affiliations.

We are about providing service through sustainable projects. We believe in long-term service, not short-term aid. Our trips are meant to empower our field communities, foster relationships and provide a positive experience for all. We work with our in-country partners to choose projects that are most needed and map out how they will be maintained after teams leave.

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Meet Our Team We’re Here to Serve You

Joshua Molsberry

Executive Director

(250) 434-2524 ext# 215

Gerry Shea

Program Coordinator

(250) 434-2524 ext# 218

Jody Tippett

Communications Coordinator

(250) 434-2524 ext# 216

Amanda Ludwar

Finance Coordinator

(250) 434-2524 ext # 217

Patti Miller

Trip Coordinator

(250) 434-2524 ext # 214

Doug Henderson

Program Manager

(250) 434-2524 ext# 219

Jim Little

Projects Officer

(250) 434-2524

Russ Carmichael

Projects Officer

(250) 434-2524

Our Story

In 2000, Canadians Wayne McRann and Dan Miller were in the jungles of Guatemala, installing water systems and building houses on a Rotary International trip. They felt people other than Rotary members should have the same chance to do something to make others’ lives better. Here’s our story about Developing World Connections.

Then, on Dec. 26, 2004, a massive tsunami pounded 14 countries in the Indian Ocean, killing 230,000 and destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands more. The horror of the devastation sparked DWC to life, with the first teams rushing to Sri Lanka to rebuild homes and community buildings. The fledgling group got itself organized, got teams over to Sri Lanka, and McRann took the helm as executive director.

Meet Our Board

DWC board members have all volunteered abroad to transforms lives – they have seen the difference it can make and they generously give their time and energy so that others can have that same travel experience.

Lisa Lake

Chair / Secretary

Dan Miller

Past Chair / Director

Hagan Ainsworth


Janet McKelvey


Terry-Lynn Stone


Jenifer Crawford


Mark Hyslop


Lisa Fuller