Every Girl Immediate Food Security for Families in the Developing World

Relief to Those Suffering
From the Pandemic

In the poorest communities where DWC serves, feeding a family was a task that was hard at the best of times, but with mandatory house confinement and the closure of workplaces and markets due to efforts to slow the spread of Covid-19, it has become much harder. The global pandemic has had devastating impacts on food security, poverty, and nutrition, particularly in the developing world. Governments, attempting to halt the spread of a virus that would quickly cripple their fragile health care systems, have imposed strict lock-down measures. This has resulted in families being unable to secure basic necessities like food, water and sanitation supplies.

Since lockdown began, governments have adopted measures to try to support people who have lost their income. This aid does not reach the entire population, however. The longsuffering poor are being pushed into even more dire circumstances. There are a lot of desperate people. DWC has launched its COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE program to assist our partners and host communities in Peru, Guatemals, Nicaragua, Cambodia, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. These measures are providing immediate famine relief for those who are suffering from the pandemic.

Current Projects


DWC has provided packages of food and other goods that are delivered directly to 90 families in the communities of Villa María del Triunfo, Maya, Pedregal and Heroes Del Cenepa. A focus has been toprovide aid to single mothers.


DWC spearheaded immediate famine relief to 430 of the most vulnerable families in Out Aput village by supplying them with dry ration packages containing staples such as rice, sugar, and soya meat, and spices.


50 quarantined Filipino families are receiving emergency food packages. We also identified six individuals with life threatening sicknesses / families caring for sick children who required additional support of medicine or health supplies.

Sri Lanka

400 daily wage earners were provided with dry ration parcels of basic essential needs. Market closures mean they are unable to make any income for themselves. These families face hunger and the risk of falling deeper into the poverty cycle.


As various levels of lockdown continue, extremely impoverished families have little to no income generating opportunities. In the tradition of giving baskets at Christmas, DWC distributed special food hampers filled with essentials and holidays treats to 125 families in the San Miguel Dueñas community.


Service jobs, filled by those on the lowest end of the economic ladder, have been lost with extended lockdowns leaving poorer families struggling to feed their families. Two category-4 hurricanes have left an already struggling economy in despair. DWC is supporting 100 families with food packages.

Meet Khom, Sary & Sokha

In Cambodia’s Kompong Khleang (Siem Reap) floating village, 45 year-old Khom lives with his wife Sary and seven-year-old son, Sokha. Khom goes fishing every day to earn money for his family. Normally, he would stay at the lake for a few days watching his trap and selling his fish but, since the pandemic hit, Khom has been having a difficult time making a living.

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Our Neighbours Need Your Help

Now more than ever, our neighbours around the world need our support. Through our host partners, we have identified hundreds of families who, due to market closures, job loss and strict government curfews, do not have access to basic necessities.

Distribution for DWC’s COVID-19 EMERGENCY RESPONSE is achieved through our local network with the help of local authorities. DWC expects further requests for assistance from other partners and communities in Africa and Asia. Your gift puts food, water, and medicine on the table for families through direct delivery of relief packages.