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Offset your carbon footprint by donating to our Light Up Guatemala program, which installs eco-stoves in homes to help stop all the harmful impacts of cooking fires. A vented stove greatly reduces carbon emissions and can prevent a lifetime of health problems, but not every family can afford one.

The calculator calculates your travel emissions x $25 per tonne and provides a suggested donation amount. This is only a minimum recommendation.

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Carbon Offset FAQ’s

How are my CO2 flight emissions calculated?

There are a number of carbon emission calculators available on the internet. All produce an estimated CO2 emission figure based on common factors such as the distance between the departure and destination point, one way or return and the number of passengers and often class of travel booked (first or business vs economy). Many also include a ‘high altitude’ multiplier for the effects of long-distance, high-altitude flight.

DWC is using a custom-built flight emissions calculator that incorporates many of these factors.

What are carbon offsets?

The best way to reduce CO2 emissions is to replace one emission producing energy source with another one that does not produce emissions, for example by replacing a gas-powered car with an electric one, or by using solar panels to generate electricity for a home rather than getting power from a coal fired power plant. Sometimes however, substitution of one energy source for another is not always practical or feasible. Air travel generally falls into this category.

Carbon offsets are the next best way to address CO2 emissions. Carbon offsets are designed to diminish the emissions resulting from one source, such as air travel by investing in other activities that avoids or reduces emissions by an equivalent amount.

How is my offset donation being used?

Currently all DWC carbon offset donations are used to support the Light Up Guatemala Eco-stove project. Not only do these eco-stoves have an important impact on reducing CO2 emissions, by greatly reducing the amount of wood harvested and burned for cooking, but they significantly improve in-door air quality with major positive health effects. All eco-stoves installed by DWC are manufactured in Guatemala.

Tree Planting
When the Covid-19 travel restrictions have been lifted, DWC will be working to relaunch a tree planting project in Kenya.

Ninety cents out of every dollar donated to DWC Carbon Offset projects will be used exclusively for the Eco-stove or Tree planting projects.

How are the offsets calculated?

Based on independent third-party research, each eco-stove installed is estimated to prevent five to seven tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

Are the Developing World Connections Offset projects accredited?

No. Presently the DWC offset projects are not accredited or independently evaluated primarily because such accreditation is quite costly and time intensive for a small charity. Currently, our offset projects are relatively small scale and localized compared with many of the larger offset projects.

Will I receive a tax receipt for my carbon offset donation?

Yes. All carbon offset donations will be eligible for a Canadian or American charitable donation receipt.