When You Give, You Are Offering Lasting Change.

Give Safety & Mobility

Alma, and her 4-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome, Mary, live in the Philippines in a hut Alma built herself. DWC provided helmets, a baby seat and a custom sidecar so Mary can safely ride tandem on Alma’s old motorcycle. They drive up the mountain to purchase vegetables from farmers to resell in the city. Your gift means girls and women, like Alma, can get to work and school safely.

Give an Education

Mahima is 18 and she would like to work in banking. There are five members in her family, living in a small mud hut in Dang, Nepal. She helps her mother with the vegetable garden, cooking and cleaning. Mahima is a talented student, but her parents could not afford to send her to school. She received a scholarship and is now at the top of her class with a 3.35 GPA.

Give a Place to Call Home

Sunita is nine years old and in grade three. She lives with her father in Gadhwa, Nepal. Like many others, in her area, her housing situation is very difficult. Flooding in October 2022 damaged the family home and destroyed all of their clothes and food. Your gift helps families like Sunita’s to get into safer, drier living conditions. This improves their health, security, and future livelihood.

Your generous donations will empower women and girls around the world. Today they are girls, tomorrow they are leaders. Thank you for making that possible.

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